Finding Freedom

Finding Freedom Book Cover

Finding Freedom: Texts from the Theravadin, Mahayana and Dzogchen Buddhist traditions (Khordong Commentary Series)


Sparks book cover

Sparks is the 8th book by this popular author. It is an accessible collection of short writings and poems arising from his experience of practising and teaching Buddhism for many years. In simple and beautiful language it is an expression of the profound non-dual view of Dzogchen, which illuminates the enlivening Buddha potential present in all of us.

This pithy collection of prose and poems can be entered at any point, enjoyed and reflected upon since each ‘spark’ or ‘snippet’ is complete in itself. The topic is profound, yet it is condensed and expressed in simple language using examples and metaphors from everydaylife and the living world around us.

James Low’s books have been and are being translated into Estonian, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.

James Low has now retired from his post as a Consultant Psychotherapist in the National Health Service. He maintains a small private psychotherapy practice in London and has taught in many psychotherapy institutes, mostly in the UK.

Simply Being

Simply Being book cover, book by James Low

Simply being is the ground or basis of every occurrence; it is the unchanging awareness which reveals the ever-changing play of experience. This is dzogchen, the wholeness and completion within which we live. Dzogchen teaching recalls us to this open purity which we have never left, yet habitually disregard.