Teachings on Semde by Sodogpa Lodro Gyaltsen


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These teachings on Dzogchen Semde present a method that is complementary and parallel to the better known one of the Four Yogas or Four Contemplations. They are contained in the Instructions on Dzogchen Semde According to Nyang’s System by the master Sogdogpa Lodro Gyaltsen (1552-1624), who wrote down an oral tradition going back to Vairochana the Translator and subsequently known as The System of Nyang, transmitted by the master Nyang Chograb Zhonnu. As well as furnishing methods for discovering the state of contemplation in a more or less direct way according to the practitioner’s capacity, this text also contains interesting references to the meditative experiences of Mahamudra according to masters of the Drugpa Kagyudpa tradition.