Teachings at Sinabelkirchen, Austria


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When we speak of the Dzogchen teaching, first of all we need to understand what Dzogchen is: we must understand that Dzogchen is not a teaching but is our real condition. Dzogchen means the totally perfected state, which means that we have three primordial wisdoms and three primordial potentialities. Since we already have these, everything is perfected. If we are really in that condition, then we are no different to the Buddha or a Bodhisattva and realised beings. It is not enough only to have an idea of this, even to have just a small experience. Of course it is useful to have this small experience of the Dzogchen state but then there are ways to increase this knowledge, which means that there is the possibility of integrating all our experience of body, speech and mind into that state. We apply this practice day after day, becoming more and more familiar with it, and in the end we have the total realisation