Sang offering and Serkyem of the eight classes


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This very short Sang Offering was written by Adzom Drugpa, a great Dzogchen master gifted with profound understanding and a discoverer of many termas. The Sang rite is principally for purification and, in particular, for purifying the energy of the individual. It is said, in fact, that every individual possesses five divinities corresponding to five types of energy that protect and maintain the positive aspects of the individual. When one’s own protective energy is weakened, one becomes passive and vulnerable to negative influences, so the Sang rite purifies the obstacles and negative forces linked to the place in which one lives, because the local guardians and their energy also influence the individual. This Degyed Serkyem is a very special Serkyem. It was composed by Nub Sangye Yeshe, a very important Dzogchen practitioner who was also a very powerful Vajrayana practitioner. Degyed Serkyem is a rite for making contact or communicating with the Eight Classes and particularly with the local guardians. Generally in the place and country we are living in there are always many local guardians. Many people don’t believe very much in local guardians and spirits etc. Some people say, “”I believe only in a kind of energy, but not in different kinds of beings””. Some people consider this is a very modern idea but really it is not a modern idea; rather it is a very limited idea.