Practice of Long life and Chudlen of Mandarava. An Oral Commentary


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The practice of Mandarava is a teaching that Chogyal Namkhai Norbu received personally when he was in Maratika. The title of this teaching is Chimed Khandro Sogthig (The Heart Thigle of the Dakini of Immortality). There are seven supreme methods of nectar connected with this practice, that is to say, seven main methods for preparing Chudlen. These nectars are also a condition for realizing the Body of Light. In these teachings, given at Merigar in 1986, Rinpoche said, “This Chudlen is connected to a Long Life Practice. In general Long Life Practice is useful for strengthening one’s protective energy. This is important in all senses. To be able to have some realization through certain practices, first of all one needs to be healthy and free from physical problems. Even if you are not dedicating yourself only to the practice you need to live well in daily life, and you only live well when you do not have problems, that is, when your energy is perfect and especially when your protective energy is healthy. If your energy has some weak points it needs to be reinforced, so we have to know how to do that. This is one of the principles of the Long Life Practice. Many people think that the Long Life Practice is a kind of prayer, just to receive a kind of blessing, but it’s not like that.” This practice means working with oneself, using visualization, mantras and Chudlen pills.