Practice in Daily Life


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Think about what you do from the early morning until the evening, what is your possibility? Everybody works, in the daytime we go to our job in the office or in a shop, and tomorrow what do we do? We repeat what we did yesterday. The day after tomorrow what do we do? We repeat. This is called samsara, we are always repeating. Repeating because we eat repeatedly, we consume repeatedly, and we go ahead that way. This is our concrete life.So when do you do your practice? In this case you have to deal with your practice in relation to time. We must integrate the teaching in our daytime. But integrating doesn’t mean becoming like Milarepa, renouncing everything and going on a mountain. Maybe some people have that possibility, but it is very rare in the modern society, we have our family, our children, our children’s children, so we have to help them, we have to work to make money. We must understand that we can’t renounce all these things, but if we don’t renounce then how do we practise? We must go to the essence of the teaching. There is not much time, there is not much possibility, so we must not live in a fantasy.