Oral Teachings on the Yoga of Prana for Clarity and Emptiness


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Oral Teachings on the Yoga of Prana for Clarity and Emptiness

This book contains the transcription of the oral teachings given by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu during the transmission of his Longsal text The Yoga of Prana for Clarity and Emptiness and the related commentary written by Rinpoche himself for clarifying its essential points.

Rinpoche transmitted and explained all the introductory teachings as well as both the preliminary methods and the main methods, which contain precise explanations on the nature of the various prana energies and instructions on how to gain mastery over the prana’s different aspects through exercises of visualization and kumbhaka.

In the Author’s words: “The knowledge and understanding of our own state has to be concretely established through our experience. This teaching is called saltong; sal means clarity and tong means emptiness. These two experiences are used very much for direct introduction and for integrating and increasing our capacity. The experience of clarity is related more with our energy level, which is the characteristic experience of our voice. The experience of emptiness is related with our mind. Clarity and emptiness are nondual; that means you can have the knowledge of instant presence and at the same moment you are beyond all considerations of experience. In the teachings this is also known as the experience of the same flavor or ronyom, which means good and bad have the same flavor.”