Oral Commentary the Root Upadesha of the Vajra Bridge of Longde


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Merigar, July 5th -9th, 2002. The method of Dzogchen Longde called Dorje Zampa – meaning Vajra Bridge – has many different explanations, but it is used a lot in the Longde practice, and it is characteristic of this teaching. What does Vajra Bridge mean? Some people say that it is the bridge between our physical body and the Body of Light, because many Dzogchen Longde practitioners realized the Rainbow Body. When our real physical body dissolves in its real nature, that is, in the lights of the five elements, the manifestation of that dimension is called Rainbow Body. This is one concrete explanation of the term. Another explanation of Vajra Bridge is related more to the method of teachings. The Dzogchen Semde works mainly with direct introduction; the Dzogchen Upadesha, since one already has knowledge, works mostly towards integrating in that state; the Dzogchen Longde is between these two methods, so it connects them like a bridge.