Mandarava Tsalung Practices


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Author: Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Tashigar norte, Isla margarita, Venezuela, August 2004 The Tsalung practices contained in this book belong to Longsal Cycle of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu. As Rinpoche explained: “”The most important part of all Tantric practices is Tsalung. What does this word really mean? Tsa means channels; lung means prana energy – so altogether it means how the prana is related with the channels and how we should work with these. We always prepare to do the Tsalung practices by doing the main practice of Mandarava. Also you remember that Mandarava manifests the three Kayas. We stay in the presence of whichever aspect is necessary for the particular practice we are doing. Here we are explaining Tsalung practices which put a lot of emphasis on heat. If people are living in a warm place they wonder why we need even more heat. Even if the weather is warm it doesn’t mean we have developed our inner heat. What we need to develop is inner heat because it is important for discovering and developing sensation. The sensation of pleasure is one of the most important means for having knowledge and realization. If we don’t develop inner heat we don’t have that possibility. When you do these practices in a perfect way, relaxing in the sensation of the pleasure feeling and staying in this presence, combining it with the visualisation, you can obtain the following benefits: all the self-perfected, lhundrub qualities arise; also you automatically overcome attachment to food and you can easily integrate and stay in instant presence for ever. It also becomes a very important purification of negative karma and any kinds of obstacles. Your clarity will manifest and develop and you will be able to go beyond your limitations.