Longsal Teachings – Vol. 5


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This fifth volume of teachings from the Longsal Cycle contains four upadeshas and the histories of their discovery. The Principle of the View Totally Beyond Conceptual Mind contains the root verses of a special teaching on the View of Atiyoga. The Direct Introduction to the Principle of the Mirror of Vajrasattva is an introduction to the nature of self-perfection or lhundrub through the symbol of the crystal. The Upadesha on the Tregchod of Primordial Purity (Ka dag khregs chod kyi man ngag), originally received from the Fifth Dalai Lama Lobsang Gyatso (Blo bzang rgya mtsho,1617-1682) in a dream and written down in its final form in 1998, contains special instructions on the practice of the Four Chogzhags, the essence of Tregchod. The Upadesha on the Profound Path of Illusory Body reveals the fundamental points of the practice of Illusory Body according to the Ati Dzogpa Chenpo teaching.