Longsal Divination of Dorje Yudronma set of dice


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The art of divination or Mo has always been widespread in Tibetan culture. Various methods of prediction have been practiced and passed down from ancient times. The Tag-ril Divination of Dorje Yudrönma (Rdo rje g.yu sgron ma’i phywa mo’i brtag ril) is a short, cryptic text on divination that the Author received in 2009 as part of the Longsal cycle of teachings. Dorje Yudrönma, queen of the Pramohas, is the guardian of the Longsal teachings.

The All-Illuminating Lamp (Kun gsal sgron me) is a detailed commentary meant to be used as a practical manual. This method of divination uses five dice with the colors of the five elements, rather than numbers, as the identifying factor in the various responses. Outcomes depend upon the relationship between elements according to the system of Tibetan astrology. One hundred twenty different combinations are possible.

The twelve categories of prediction are: protective energy, spirituality, goals and wishes, social condition, family, travel, marriage and relationships, business, health, enemies and negative forces, gifts of fortune, and wealth.

The five dice necessary for performing the divination are included with the book.

The divination can be performed by anyone interested, but to activate its full potential one should have received the relevant transmission from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

Transmission can be received by participating in retreats or webcast teachings. Visit www.dzogchen.it for more information.