Long-Life Practice of the Immortal Dakini Mandarava


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New practice book for the Long-Life Practice of Mandarava.
Similar in design to our Thun book, it contains four different versions of the practice:

  • two long versions complete with the optional Ganapuja (one with instruments and one with mudras only)
  • two short versions (one with mantras and mudras only and the other more essential)

The practices selected are representative of recent teachings Chögyal Namkhai Norbu has given on the Long-Life Practice “Thigle of Vajra Life” of the Immortal Dakini Mandarava.

The Tibetan passages are accompanied by a translation into English, newly revised by Adriano Clemente. Delightful illustrations in color and black and white indicate mudras and the use of instruments, making it easier to follow the practice in the correct way, and the book is spiral bound so that it opens flat. It also contains several color reproductions of beautiful paintings of Mandarava by fellow practitioners, as well as one by meditation master and renowned artist Dugu Choegyal Rinpoche.