Guru Jnanadakini Thugthig Teachings and Practice


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This book is intended only for those who have received the related transmissions of the teaching from the Master. This book, based on teachings given in Crimea (2005), at Merigar (2005), and at Namgyalgar (2009), combines instructions conveying a general understanding of the three paths of liberation (Sutra, Tantra, and Dzogchen) with detailed teachings on the Guru Jnanadakini practice, part of the Longchen Osal Khandroi Nyingthig series. Before learning about the practice of Jnanadakini, it is important to understand what is meant by Jnanadakini. We should not think of her as a kind of lady or a sort of statue. Jñanadakini is related with our knowledge, our understanding. The instant presence we talk about is Jnanadakini. If we are not in that state, Jñanadakini does not exist. She is the essence of all Jnanadakinis or wisdom dakinis, the union of all three kayas. The dharmakaya aspect is Samantabhadri; the sambhogakaya aspect is Guhyajnana (Sangwa Yeshe in Tibetan); one nirmanakaya manifestation is Gomadevi and another is Mandarava. Her real essence is the state of our teacher manifesting in the form of the Wisdom Dakini. This is why we call her Guru Jnanadakini.