Guru Arya Tara and Her Twenty-One Praises with CD


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A Guide to the Practice of Guru Arya Tara
and Her Twenty-One Praises
Hundreds, if not thousands, of generations of Indian and Tibetan people have venerated Arya Tara as a principal divinity and meditation deity. Representing the function of the compassion, energy, and wisdom of all realized beings, she is considered the mother of all buddhas and the perfection of wisdom. In the ultimate sense, she is the unborn, pure, and empty dharmakaya, the supreme origin of all existence. She is the source of enlightenment that is present in all of us. As the manifestation of the pure state of the air element, Tara is known for her ability to act swiftly, reaching out to save us when we are in distress.
This book is a comprehensive guide to Choegyal Namkhai Norbu teachings on Guru Arya Tara, combining his instructions on the essential practice of the Yoga of Arya Tara and the twenty-one action mantras with his commentary on the Twenty-One Praises to Arya Tara. It features a section explaining how to do a Green Tara personal retreat, a guide to pronouncing the Sanskrit version of the praises, and the full practice texts, including a special section consisting of the commentary and practice texts for Öser Chenma.
An accompanying CD helps practitioners learn the melodies for the Yoga of Arya Tara and the Twenty-One Praises.