Four Dharmas of Longchenpa


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July 16, eveningpage 11

General introduction to the teaching

[The characteristics of the various teachings. Hinayana and the four noble truths. The five capacities. Tantrism and the value of the teacher and initiation. The symbol of the vajra. Guruyoga in Tantrism and in Dzogchen. The three statements of Guru Garab Dorje. The essence of Dzogchen: Ati Guruyoga. Transmission of the Short Thun. Daily practice of Guru Tragphur. The meaning of Refuge and Bodhichitta.]

July 17, morning page 43

The first dharma: directing the mind to the teaching.

July 18, morning page 77

The second dharma: integration, meaning putting into practice what we have learned.

Lung transmission of the Ganapuja.

July 18, eveningpage 107

The third dharma: understanding that everything is an illusion and applying that understanding.

July 19, morningpage 139

The fourth dharma: how can we enter our real condition, wisdom.

July 20 page 169

Transmission of collective practices and advice for daily living.