Dzogchen Teachings: Tashigar South


Chogyal Namkhai Norbu

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Oral Commentary on the Longsal Terma The Opening of the Gate to the State of Ati

I received this teaching in a dream from my master Changchub Dorje, but the teaching is not his, it is from Guru Padmasambhava, and explains in a very simple way how we can enter into the knowledge of Ati. One night I dreamed I was in the place where my master Changchub Dorje lived and in the dream I said to him, “”In eastern Tibet there is a big revolution, no one can lead a normal life anymore, and now all these turmoils are breaking out in central Tibet too, so even if we want to practise we can’t, and if we want to learn the teachings and practise Dharma we don’t get much chance: what can we do in such a situation?”” My master replied, “”I gave you an essential teaching, condensed, just right for this kind of situation; it is called Ati Gojed; ati means primordial state, knowledge, go means gate, jed means to open, and so it means how to open the gate of knowledge. With this teaching you can not just receive the knowledge but you can apply it