Dzogchen Teachings: Merigar


Chogyal Namkhai Norbu

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It is important when we are doing a retreat, that you try to listen to what is being transmitted and what is being said. You must be aware of this and try to listen attentively. I have had this experience again and again that I explain something today and repeat it again the next day. Then the day after that someone wants to talk to me and they ask me something that I had already just explained over the last couple of days. Then, I sometimes say, “But you didn’t listen to what I told you”. If you really listen well, then you will get all the answers. It is sufficient that you observe yourselves a little and listen carefully.This is important because the teaching is not only a technique about how you sit and how you do practice. The teaching is also about how to live your life within society. This is what we need to know above all. For example, even if the teaching doesn’t tell you how to work in your shop, when you are there, it can show you how to work with your mind and your existence. Through the teaching, you can learn how to guide your mind and how to deal with your situation