breAthe: The Perfect Harmony of Breathing


Tibetan Yantra Yoga breathing DVD

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Harmony in breathing is harmony in life!

With the help of Yamila Diaz and Fabio Andrico, beginner and expert yoga practitioners will find simple but effective exercises that deepen and clarify their experience of breathing. This ground-breaking technique enables the discovery of a new dimension of relaxed energy in modern life.

Harmony in Life means enjoying the beauty of existence.

The Tibetan tradition of Yantra Yoga emphasizes the importance of a complete, calm and harmonious breath. The exercises in this program, inspired by this ancient tradition, are designed as a simple way to apply this invaluable knowledge in everyday life.

Program Highlights include:

  • – Discovering and training abdominal breathing
  • – Innovative exercises to clarify the four phases of complete breathing
  • – Easy routine for everyday life
  • – Breathing with awareness and relaxation

If we have relaxed control and awareness of our breathing, it becomes complete and harmonious. Perfect breathing means strong, relaxed energy in action — Fabio Andrico