Audio Download: Termas & Tertons – Refreshing the Teachings


with Dr Fabian Sanders. SOAS Lecture Series.

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SOAS Lecture Series: Termas and Tertons – Refreshing the Teachings

with Dr Fabian Sanders
Recorded Friday, 27 January 2012, 18:00 – 20:00

In the Tibetan tradition, time is not conceived of as a linear quantity. Time, as well as space, changes significantly in terms of quality as it proceeds through the ages. Sentient beings living along in the ups and downs of time have different problems and needs. For this reason, in this decadent era of ours, the updating of teachings and methods of realization to the current conditions of different times is carried on in a unique way by certain gifted beings called tertons.

In this lecture Dr Sanders examines the background, origin and history of this practice, with examples drawn from the biographies of some of the most famous masters.

Dr Fabian Sanders

After studying for more than twenty five years the languages and cultures of China, India and Tibet in both academic and traditional ways Fabian teaches Tibetan Language and Culture at the Universita` Ca` Foscari in Venice. He has also been teaching language and translation courses for the International Shang Shung Instituite for many years.

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