Audio Download: Seven Mind Trainings (Lojong)


8hr Podcast with Oliver Leick

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The seven mind trainings are used as basic practices and belong to the ‘heart essence’ teachings of Dzogchen (Dzogchen Nyingthig). They train the mind to truly understand the impermanence of all compounded things and the meaningless of daily activity as well as the importance of the teachings and the value of one’s teacher. They are a vital training through which to enter the path of Dzogchen or Atiyoga.

In this course, Oliver Leick will explain in detail the main Lojong practices. At the same time we will experience them through practical meditation exercises.

Oliver Leick
Oliver Leick was born in 1955, is a school teacher by profession and lives in Austria with his wife and two daughters. Oliver has been a student of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu since 1977 and is director of the International Shang Shung Institute. Recently, Oliver became a teacher Santi Maha Sangha Base Level, a Buddhist / Dzogchen training programme developed by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. He is also an authorised teacher of Yantra Yoga.

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